Beyond Resilience to Rootsilience

The revolutionary framework of Beyond Resilience to Rootsilience is organized around the ancient Chakra system combining three key branches: Conscious leadership practices; healing foods; and mind-body integration. 

We incorporate the three branches below as they relate to each chakra, starting from the top down, clearing a path to our roots. We take the notion of "resilience" a step deeper to lead and live as our whole selves. 


Conscious Leadership. Empowering women to live and lead intentionally, cultivating a connection to meaning and purpose in our personal and professional lives. We embody practices that allow reflection, self-awareness, and personal growth for balanced leadership.


Healing Foods. With every bite we take, we have the power to influence our health and balance our body. We use a systems approach to exploring the root cause of disease and explore "food as medicine," learning about foods and herbs that can bring us healing and balance.


Mind-Body Integration. Becoming literate in the language of the body to recognize the subtle signals before they become screeching alarms. We explore yoga and meditation practices to balance the nervous system and embrace the interconnectedness of our mind and body.

Beyond Resilience to Rootsilience

The Crown: Leading with Purpose and Conection

Foods and herbs to support sleep, circadian rhythms, detoxification and mind-body integration to go beyond ego and attachment.

Third Eye: Set a Clear Vision and Path

Foods and herbs to nourish your brain, eating intuitively, and mind-body integration to expand your vision and perspective and see the big picture. 

Foods and herbs that support us to listen to our body and hydrate us, and mind-body integration to find our voice and hear and speak our truth. 

The Heart: Balance 
Giving + Receiving

Foods and herbs to support a healthy heart and lower stress, and mind-body integration to cultivate gratitude and forgiveness, living a life you love and nurturing your whole self.

Solar Plexus: Radiate Your Benevolent Power Without Burning Out

Foods and herbs to support digestion and soothing the fire in our bellies, mind-body integration for rest and recharge.

Sacral: Cultivate Collaborative Partnerships, Celebrate Joy + Beauty

Foods and herbs that support reproductive health + hormone balancing, mind body integration to free the hips and pelvis, inviting in creativity and self expression.

The Root: Establish Heathly Boundaries Grounded in Embodied Leadership

Foods and herbs that calm the nervous system, and mind-body integration to access connective tissue moving from fear to trust.

Beyond Resilience to Rootsilience

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"Rootsilience is about grounding myself in a holistic way on a consistent basis and feeling confident that I can stay empowered and resilient come what stressors will keep coming. I can tap into my own character strengths and utilize what I know about the mind and body and how I can work WITH them to stay resilient, rooted and continue growing, despite some inevitable setbacks." - Rebecca, NBC-HWC Functional Medicine Health Coach

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