Your Rootsilience Leadership Map:
Decode the language of your body, behavior and mind for a balanced and empowered life. 

Are you wondering how to recognize and respond to the early signs of stress and imbalance in your life and leadership? And what practical steps can you take to regain a sense of balance?

Our revolutionary Rootsilience Leadership framework is based in ancient wisdom for modern leadership. The Rootsilience Leadership Map helps you answer these questions recognizing the interconnectedness of our leadership behavior, along with our emotional, physical, and mental well-being.

This leadership map will help you:

  • Recognize your unique signs of balance and imbalance, and become literate in the language of your body, behavior and mind
  • Decipher behavioral patterns that may be impacting your well-being and effectiveness as a leader.
  • Identify your “go to” areas (in the body, behavior and mind) for finding balance and ease
  • Shift away from ignoring, numbing and avoiding chronic pain or irritating behaviors, and recognize when it's time to pause, rejuvenate, and regain balance

To get your personalized map, please enter your information and follow the instructions on the following page. Set aside about 20 minutes to go through the questions and complete your Rootsilience Leadership Map. 

"The Rootsilience Leadership Map has taught me a lot about myself and is a clear picture of where I need to grow and where I need to slow down." - Carolin, SVP of multi-national company

"Feels like a map to my soul. I found mine to be spot on and the imbalances/ overuse/ underuse and signs of imbalance provided much guidance." 
- Ravit -Inclusive Development Leader