Going Beyond Resilience:
7 Steps to Embodied Leadership

Essential practices, tools and foods that root us.

Resilience, “the ability of something to return to its original shape after it’s been pulled, stretched, pressed, and bent,”  remains an elusive pursuit during traumatic times. If you pull, stress, press and bend something that is not rooted, it will either break, or get pulled along with the force that it’s being subjected to.

Resilience assumes we are already rooted. However, many women have lost a connection to our roots. More specifically, we have lost a connection to that which brings us back into balance, into a state of interconnected physical, emotional, mental, and behavioral well-being.

Beyond Resilience to ROOTsilience


It’s time we go beyond resilience. It’s time we tend our roots. Beyond Resilience to ROOTsilience: 7 Steps to Embodied Leadership is that path.

ROOTsilience goes beyond resilience and provides a path to be grounded, rooted, and able to respond to stressors from a place of security and balance in our physical, emotional, mental and behavioral well-being. Rather than being stretched to our limits and toppling over, ROOTsilience shows us how to lead and live as our whole selves.  

Imagine a world where...  
You don’t need to push the boulder up the mountain and stretch yourself to your limits.  
You maintain your core purpose and integrity in the face of shifting, unpredictable, and emergent change.  
You live and lead authentically, deeply connected to a sense of mission and purpose .

  This is ROOTsilience, a new framework for women's leadership.


The ROOTsilience 7 Steps to Embodied Leadership are organized around the ancient chakra system, combining three key branches: authentic leadership practices, healing foods, and mind-body integration tools.

With our revolutionary ROOTsilience Leadership Map, you will learn to recognize your unique signs of balance and imbalance, become literate in the language of your body, behavior, feelings and mental state.

Our revolutionary ROOTsilience Leadership Map gives you a personalized snapshot that highlights where you may tend to over- or underuse your character strengths, and receive insight on how you can understand the inherent physical, emotional, and mental connections in your leadership style and life. 


“The ROOTsilience Leadership Map felt like a map to my soul. I found mine to be spot on, and the imbalances/overuse/underuse analysis was incredibly helpful in showing me my leadership strengths.”  — Ravit, Executive Director in International Development

ROOTsilience is about grounding myself in a holistic way on a consistent basis and feeling confident that I can stay empowered and resilient come what stressors will keep coming. I can tap into my own character strengths and utilize what I know about the mind and body and how I can work WITH them to stay resilient, rooted and continue growing, despite some inevitable setbacks."  — Rebecca, NBC-HWC Functional Medicine Health Coach

“I stopped ignoring what my body is telling me, both when something is right and when something is wrong. I started to notice more how much my health impacts my abilities each day and how it also impacts those around me.”
—Annie, Senior Manager at Technology Company

ROOTsilience guides women on a leadership path that provides practical tools to lead with impact and purpose while not burning out and destroying our health in the process.  Join us!


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