ROOTSilience Leadership

ROOTSilience is a women's leadership path that provides practical tools for women to lead with impact and purpose while not burning out and destroying our health in the process.


Once a month we meet live for deep learning of the functional body and food as medicine, participate in live conscious leadership exercises and embody our learning through various yoga, meditation and breathing practices that bring us into balance. Each of the seven chakras are explored connecting food, lifestyle, and mind-body practices to create alignment. 

Meeting Dates (Sundays from 11 - 1pm EST)
Crown Chakra | June 6
Third Eye Chakra | July 18
Throat Chakra | August 15
Heart Chakra | September 12
Solar Plexus Chakra | October 10
Sacral Chakra | November 7
Root Chakra | December 12

“ROOTSilience allowed me the opportunity to connect with a network of women from around the world to collectively explore how imbalances in the chakras affect our ability to lead and what we can do in our daily practices to bring more balance and ease into our lives.” ~ Michele

“I’ve realized that my resilience is deeply affected by my roots, and keeping them healthy keeps the whole of me healthy.” ~ Robin

Your registration includes access to the live two-hour workshops, life-time access to a course portal including the conscious leadership exercise we engage in during our live call, a supporting yoga or meditation practice for further practice and a recording of the live workshop including the functional medicine overview and live practice for that workshop's chakra.

You'll also have the opportunity to connect with the women coming together for this series in our private online community group (outside of Facebook or any social media platform) to ask questions, share resources and continue to build our ROOTSilient community. As a gift, all participants in the full series course will receive a BONUS integration lesson to incorporate your learnings from the series at the end of our time together.

ROOTSilience Leadership is offered by Essential~Wholeness, a NBHWC Approved Continuing Education Provider. NBC-HWC health coaches can earn up to 14 CEU’s by completing the full ROOTSilience Leadership Series. Continuing Education Program No. 100212

Series Pricing

Course Curriculum (forever access)

National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC) certified course.
Continuing Education Program No. 100212


Samantha Anderson

I'm passionate about inviting individuals to discover their path and purpose, igniting their healing potential and transforming the way we incorporate mind, body, and spirit into our daily lives. I'm deeply invested in the potential of women’s empowerment, and strive to create a better future for women and the organizations they lead by facilitating their growth and power.

As a Board Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach and Qoya Inspired Movement teacher, I work with clients to develop and implement effective strategies to improve their health using lifestyle change, nutrition, joyful movement, sleep practices, and stress management. I'm also a Usui Ryoho Reiki Master and Teacher, trained in energy balancing which can clear emotional blocks and physical pain, and increase clarity. You can learn more about my coaching practice at Essential-Wholeness.

I graduated from Tufts University and earned a master's degree in U.S. Women’s History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am a National
Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, and earned my coaching certification at the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, affiliated with the Institute for Functional Medicine.

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Find me: Instagram and Facebook


Armed with an M.B.A. from MIT Sloan School of Management, an engineering degree from the University of Pennsylvania, I worked my way "to the top" from cutting deals on Wall St. to the epicenter of the Boston tech hub in various strategy and management consulting roles.

When I reached the "top" I realized that to get there I had to sacrifice my health and happiness. High salaries and titles weren't what I sought. The top wasn't such a great place to be.

Instead of ignoring the voices in my head, heart and body, I chose to live and lead with purpose. In 2015 I moved to the Azores, Portugal, to start my first business with my husband in his homeland. I learned a new language, embraced a new way of life, and redefined metrics of success that enabled me to live my values. This became the foundation for the Mindful Business Leader framework.

I am now a leading expert in emotional intelligence based leadership, integrating my world class education, business acumen, and over 20 years training in various alternative healing and energy modalities. A complete list of my influences is included along with some case studies at: