The Rootsilience Leadership Map


The Rootsilience Leadership Map highlights how our leadership strengths—and our possible overuse and underuse of them—are connected at the physical, emotional, and mental levels, and all the ways we show up (or don’t) as a leader.

It enables you to recognize the signs of balance and imbalance in your behavior, body, emotions and mind. You know where to look, you become literate in the language of your body, behavior, feelings and mental state, and you have tools, foods and methods to bring you back into ease and balance. You become Rootsilient, and stay grounded and rooted, before getting stretched beyond your limits.  

Our revolutionary framework maps the VIA Character Strengths with the ancient Chakra System. This map is a fundamental tool to help us stay balanced, avoid burn out and take proactive measures to sustain our overall health and well-being.  

The VIA Character Strengths follow the principles of Positive Psychology and were developed in the early 2000s when scientists began to study character more scientifically. Each person who takes the VIA Character Strengths Survey is given a personalized report of their 24 character strengths, organized into a list with the top strengths categorized as “signature strengths” and the bottom strengths categorized as “lesser strengths.”  

In developing our Rootsilience Leadership Map, we mapped the VIA Character Strengths into the seven chakras. By combining your unique character strengths, as evidenced by your VIA results, and your possible overuse and underuse of them, you begin to recognize the interconnectedness of your leadership behavior with your emotional, physical, and mental well-being.  

Please click on the below to get started on your own leadership map. We recommend setting aside 10-15 minutes to complete your map and take some time to reflect on the results.

“The Rootsilience Leadership Map feels like a map to my soul.”
— Ravit, Executive Director in international development 

Beyond Resilience to Rootsilience is organized 
around the ancient chakra system combining authentic leadership, healing foods, 
and mind-body integration tools to support your leadership path and create balance.


  • See what chakras your unique character strengths support and which ones need more attention.      
  • Understand where you tend to fall out of balance and receive tools to help you find your way.    
  • Recognize the connection between your character strengths, emotional, physical and mental well-being.      
  • Identify your "go to" areas for focusing on balance and ease.


“The Rootsilience Leadership Map feels like a map to my soul. I found mine to be spot on, and the imbalances/overuse/underuse analysis was incredibly helpful in showing me my leadership strengths.”  — Ravit, Executive Director in International Development

“Rootsilience allowed me the opportunity to connect with a network of women through the world in collectively exploring how imbalances in the chakras affect our ability to lead and what we can do in our daily practices to bring more balance and ease into our lives.”
 — Michele, Owner of Education Consulting Business

“I stopped ignoring what my body is telling me, both when something is right and when something is wrong. I started to notice more how much my health impacts my abilities each day and how it also impacts those around me.”
—Annie, Senior Manager at Technology Company

Beyond Resilience to Rootsilience amplifies the voices of those who identify as women.
We are activating women to embody our roles as guardians of the earth by nurturing and tending to
the roots of our whole selves. Join us!


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