15-minute guided meditation + journaling exercise to find balance in giving and receiving

Recognize where you need to have or strengthen your boundaries and how to balance giving with receiving. Many of us give, give and give, yet have an incredibly hard time receiving for ourselves. This imbalanced form of leadership has taken its toll on women leaders.

Women are more likely than men to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, depression, and anxiety disorders, and are more significantly affected than men by alcohol use and stress. Women leaders need a way to lead with impact and purpose without destroying our health in the process.  

In this powerful meditation and journaling practice you will find balance between giving and receiving. You’ll see where you may be out of balance and what you can do to bring yourself back. In this way you address the imbalance at the energetic level (behavioral and emotional) BEFORE it manifests into something physical (like burnout, chronic headaches or gut issues).

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