Chakra Yoga: Tending the Fire

Mind-Body Integration for the Solar Plexus

Live Online Workshop | Saturday, March 11

11 -1pm EST / 8-10am PST / 5-7pm CET (via zoom)

Approaching Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) we meet just before the Equinox, a time of energy rising and when we can find ourselves feeling "out of balance", i.e.  getting into too much doing and not finding time or space to recharge. The Solar Plexus chakra is connected to themes of our self worth and power and in this workshop we tend the fire so we burn brightly, but not out of control.

Chakra Yoga is my signature style of movement + meditation and blends my nearly 25 years of dedicated practice and learning of yoga, meditation, and movement based on the traditional seven chakra system. We will explore the key themes of the chakra and how they show up for us, through a movement practice designed specifically for this chakra that incorporates asana (yoga postures), mantra (sound) and pranayama (breathwork) and meditation along with aspects of energy medicine (tapping and meridian tracing).

When you sign up you'll have a chance to share with me any modifications you need so the live practice is curated to the group that joins. You'll also have a chance to explore any personal reflections and questions in our live Q&A.

In this workshop you will:

  • Understand why tending our fire and balancing our Solar Plexus is critical right now
  • Learn how to identify an imbalance in the Solar Plexus Chakra at the physical, emotional or behavioral level
  • Experience a guided movement and meditation practice, curated for those joining, to bring this powerful center into alignment 
  • Have a chance to ask any personal questions during our final Q&A (not recorded, available to those joining live only)

Workshop Materials (Yours to Keep) 

"I love taking Rimi's Chakra Yoga workshop! Her "toolbox" is extensive so class is always varied with a wide variety of techniques including pranayama, self-massage, energy work, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini, Vinyasa, Yin and more! It's great for both beginners to broaden their practice, and longtime students to keep it fresh. Highly recommend!" - Anna

"Rimi is a special person, in her workshops she deepens my understanding of the physical, spiritual and mental components of yoga.  With all her knowledge and sensibility she enriches my life." - Filipa

Personal Investment

There are three options to join, choose the option that reflects the value you place on this workshop, and respects your financial position. 100% of the funds are going into the publishing, marketing and launching of my first book co-authored with the incredible Samantha Anderson

Self-Paced Course

$50 USD

  • General Admission

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"Following along with Rimi and her Mindful Leadership course was an excellent transition for me as I went from a solopreneur back to a fast tech startup. The program ensures you take time to grow and reflect on your leadership at home and at work. It causes you to ask how am I am leading today so that you allow others to grow with you. Highly recommend."
- JoAnn, Marketing Director, Canada

Rimi Chakra

Armed with an M.B.A. from MIT Sloan School of Management, an engineering degree from the University of Pennsylvania, I worked my way "to the top" from cutting deals on Wall St. to the epicenter of the Boston tech hub in various strategy and management consulting roles.

When I reached the "top" I realized that to get there I had to sacrifice my health and happiness. High salaries and titles weren't what I sought. The top wasn't such a great place to be.

Instead of ignoring the voices in my head, heart and body, I chose to live and lead with purpose. In 2015 I moved to the Azores, Portugal, to start my first business with my husband in his homeland. I learned a new language, embraced a new way of life, and redefined metrics of success that enabled me to live my values. This became the foundation for the Mindful Business Leader framework.

I am now a leading expert in emotional intelligence based leadership, integrating my world class education, business acumen, and over 20 years training in various alternative healing and energy modalities. A complete list of my influences is included along with some case studies at: